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ABOUT v.IQLe Solutions Ltd.

v.IQle Solutions are a specialist providers of often pioneering Security, Safety, Performance & Productivity related solutions across the UK & European Transport Industry.

Drawing on years of automotive excellence, paying close attention to detail and product integrity our strength is the ability to deliver effective robust and proven solutions that give the client meaningful improvements that meet the clients expectations.

With extensive and widespread experience all products are designed and engineered in response to existing and emerging challenges: a changing marketplace, the continual threat from an ever resourceful criminal fraternity and the need for enhanced driver and vehicle security and bottom line improvements.


    We do not imitate. We innovate. It is the ability to think smart using existing and new technologies that sets us apart from others. The best solution often requires a fresh approach and the ability to embrace the complexities of the problem and the challenges we all face with today’s vehicles which are themselves becoming increasingly complicated.
    Whether the requirement is enhanced safety or improved driver or vehicle performance our objective will be to provide meaningful solutions that have an impact. We only offer a solution that will deal with the problem to the satisfaction of the client, nothing less. Be it safety, performance, security or improving the bottom line our remit is always to give the client what they want.
    The real test of a company is its ability to handle and respond. We offer same day service support anywhere in the UK ensuring that we are always there when the client needs us, not when it suits us.

Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change.



    Leaner, Cleaner, Greener
    FueliQ offer a unique range of leading edge fuel and emission reduction solutions to improve your fuel spend and lower your emissions.

  • Tier One Vehicle Solutions

    Vehicle Security Experts
    Tier One Vehicle Solutions Limited specialise in the design and manufacture of original innovative solutions for the many different emerging and existing challenges and threats facing the automotive industry spanning two key areas: vehicle security & safety.

  • Eyes Up

    The Distracted Driver Solution
    Eyes-Up brings you FleetSafer, an award-winning range of products that can lower the number of accidents caused by using mobile devices while driving. Fully patented and a market leader in the US and Canada, it keeps your drivers – and your reputation – safe.

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