ADDO Oil Additive

What if we told you that we could reduce your fuel spend on your vehicles not by 2 or 3% but between 8-10%?

I am sure that you would ignore us or disbelieve us or be sceptical.

What if we told you that we could reduce your CO2 by 40%, NOx by 50% and other harmful emissions by 70%?

You would probably not believe us either.

The difference this time is that these are the findings from a series of tests carried out across a range of applications, vehicles and test houses.

The science is pioneering and potentially a game changer for the transport industry. Developed over the last 20 years by a team of German Engineers Addo® is a  new generation Nano carbon based oil additive that cleans both the engine and the combustion process.  Addo® reduces friction & wear so often the primary cause of engine inefficiencies which reinforces the inner engine surfaces delivering a slicker purer more efficient burn.

Product Description

Introducing Addo®

Addo® is a new generation nano carbon engine surface modifier. Addo® polishes the frictional surfaces of the engine at the atomic scale forming a diamond alloy metallic surface. This newly formed surface has increased hardness, greater thermal conductivity and maintains an oil film both at high loads and cold start. This results in a quieter, more reliable and efficient engine. Developed over the last 20 years the science is pioneering and game changing. 

Case Studies

Berlin Bus Company Trials

Addo® has been tested on a mixed fleet of 3000+ bus and coaches. It was trialled for 6 months and remains adopted for the past 7 years.

Leading UK Local Authority

A recent trial of Addo® saw fuel savings of 9% in less than 6 weeks. Average savings of £10 per day per vehicle.

Addo benefits and overview




  • Improved fuel consumption of between


  • Carbon monoxide concentrations reduced by


  • Nitrous Oxide concentrations reduced by


  • Soot concentrations reduced by


  • Wear elements in the oil are reduced by


  • Extended oil maintenance cycles

    4 fold

  • Reduced oil consumption of approx


  • Torque increase of


  • Compression increase of






A Closer Look




SAE standards are internationally recognized for their role in helping ensure the safety, quality, and effectiveness of products and services across the mobility engineering industry. Addo® was tested to SAE J 1321 at the Texas A&M and Transportation Research Center and showed reductions in fuel consumption of 7% and 11 % respectively.



Viscosity is a measure of a lubricant’s physical resistance to flow, yet it is probably the most important property of a lubricant. Addo® is tested to ASTM D5293 and ASTM D4684 standards. This is the standard test method for apparent viscosity of engine oils and base stocks between –5°C and –35°C using a cold-cranking simulator. The test concluded that the viscosity of oil at -15° and -20° C is 13-17% lower than the viscosity of pure oil after running 25,000 km. Each indicated a slower aging of the oil when ADDO® is used.



Addo® is tested to ASTM D 5185 standards. This is the standard test method for wear preventive characteristics of lubricating fluid (four-ball method) and covers the rapid determination of 22 elements in used and unused lubricating oils and base oils. Addo® showed a 73% reduction of wear metals in the oil.



Addo® cures micro- and nano-defects in the frictional surfaces that results in reduced friction and increased engine efficiencies. Improves the motor: decreases dry friction by keeping a thin oil layer on the motor surfaces also at higher loads. Higher loads leads to higher engine temperature, reduced viscosity and thinner oil. The graphite particles provide this dry lubrication. Friction is reduced by 20%.



Addo® is tested according to ASTM D849 standards. This is the standard test method for copper strip corrosion by Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons. The test concluded that oil dosed with Addo had the highest anticorrosive grade: 1a.



Short-run stand-tests on the safety of ADDO® for engine and filter (Independently tested by a leading European car manufacturer) concluded that Addo® had no negative impact on the engine or oil filter.



Addo® is manufactured by 100% pure detonation synthesis from only carbon particles. Other known oil additives contain PTFE, sulphides, nitrides, metals or minerals that are renowned to be harmful to the engine, the environment or both.


Addo® is tested to DC-W19-605. Dispersant are incorporated in engine oil formulations to ensure that minimal accumulation of contaminants that result in sludging will occur.  Sludging is the combination of mainly moisture and soot or wear debris from the engine. It can adversely affect the engine operation through filter plugging, deposition on moving surfaces and by thickening of the oil to an extent that incorrect lubricant supply will result. Dispersancy of ADDO®-containing oil is higher than that of pure oil. The ability to disperse particles in oil is reducing 6 times slower if ADDO® is present. This indicates much longer service life of oil with ADDO®.



Addo® is dosed at oil change intervals at a ratio between 1:20 and 1:30 (Addo® to Engine Oil Capacity). Addo® achieves maximum effectivity slower than other oil modifiers however it will remain in effect even after an oil change. We recommend that Addo® is dosed at each oil change or at alternate service intervals depending on oil and fuel grade.



Addo® is tested to ASTM D 4172 standards. This test method can be used to determine the relative wear preventive properties of lubricating fluids in sliding contact under the prescribed test conditions. No attempt has been made to correlate this test with balls in rolling contact. The user of this test method should determine to his own satisfaction whether results of this test procedure correlate with field performance or other bench test machines. Addo® showed a 15% reduction in oil wear.



Addo® was filled into a pre-run (stabilised) engine followed by a 40 hour exhaust measurement. This resulted in a reduction in emissions;

  • Particulate Matter -23%
  • NOx -40%
  • Carbon Monoixde -25%

Other tests confirmed positive increases in Compression and Torque.



Addo® creates a diamond-metallic composite polished surface on the frictional areas within the engine. This composite has a number of benefits;-

  • cures asperities, the micro and nano defects on the frictional surfaces that lead to atomic roughness.
  • increases the surface hardness and resistance to wear.
  • improves the heat transfer from the frictional sites.
  • improves dry friction and high load resistance by retaining an oil film on these surfaces at all times.



Investment in Addo® will amortize within 3 months (ca 6,000 miles)

Next Steps


Contact us on 01761 451066 or by email info@viqlesolutions.com. We can then arrange to meet and discuss your requirements.


Engine oil analysis enables us to determine the wear rate, and overall service condition of an engine, along with spotting potential problems and imminent failure before it happens. Finning UK, a global leader in fuel and oil analysis can independently assess the quality of your oil at regular periods.


Effective decisions are based on good intelligence. We can install engine analysis hardware to obtain real time accurate data that enables us to make informed decisions for your organisation.


Once we have established a benchmark for fuel consumption and wear patterns for the term of the pilot we will then deploy Addo® and start to monitor, measure and record findings.


Once the term of the pilot has been concluded we evaluate and analyse the results. You will then receive a full detailed report and commercial proposition on how we can save your business money.