Battery Guard

Keeping you in charge

With increasingly complicated vehicle spec and finite battery capacity we are witnessing an increasing number of incidences of flat batteries causing delays, disruptions and unnecessary downtime for many frontline vehicles.

Now widely used extensively across the UK  and throughout the World ‘Battery Guard’ continues to liberate front line vehicles from the inconvenience and expense of flat batteries delivering punctuality and performance.

Product Description

battery guard collection

How does it work? The complete solution.

Now recognised as the ideal antidote to flat batteries, used in many different applications and on ‘frontline’ vehicles most at risk from flat batteries Battery Guard prevents total battery discharge by automatically isolating any drain safeguarding enough charge within the vehicles batteries to enable the operator to re-start the engine using a dash-mounted re-set switch ensuring that your vehicles will always ‘start on the button.’

  • No more dead batteries

  • Manual battery disconnect

  • Ignition protected

  • IP67 ECU & Connectors