Traffilog Telematics

Unlock the hidden potential in your fleet

The market place for telematics is very congested with very little differentiation.

We are very different

Our approach, capability and vision set us apart from the mainstream. We are different for many reasons.

One size does not fit all

We have as many solutions as we have clients. The client comes first not the black box.

Not just for today, for tomorrow

The best solution is the one that will meet not just the current but the future needs of the business.

Not just data but information

Gathering & providing data is the easy part, it’s what you do with it that matters. The best telematics solution is one that understands, analyses, interprets and converts your data into clear, unambiguous, meaningful & worthwhile information to enable you to identify & make effective decisions.

Preventative diagnostics

Our strength is the gathering of real-time information surrounding the health of the vehicle to warn of likely mechanical failures that can be dealt with before the problem occurs saving you time & money.

Product Description

About Us

We are an established global telematics provider. We support several hundred thousand Telematics units across 28 countries. With many billions of miles under our belt the technology is leading edge and crucially the volumes achieved enable us to be highly cost effective.

  • From OEM vehicle manufacturers to the emerging UBI insurance telematics markets our technical and operational reach is extensive. Now widely used across a broad range of applications: Tier One, Bus & Coach, UBI, Utility, Blue Chip & Local Authority markets.
  • We are the existing supplier of many major insurance telematics projects worldwide including the Orange ‘Smartdrive’ solution in partnership with AIG and Honda in the Middle East with similar sized projects unfolding in Scandinavia, Russia and South America.
  • The existing UK client base includes DEFRA, G4S Telematics, United Utilities, The Environment Agency, Falck, MacDonald’s, IBM, Unilever, UPS, FedEx, National Express and many government and emergency services organisations.

We all know engines hum, now they can talk to you.

Our core solutions are advanced Driver Profiling and Vehicle Diagnostics Systems. By providing accurate information on driver behaviour and vehicle performance, we are able to assist our clients in implementing a culture of better driving behaviour and preventative vehicle maintenance improving our clients fuel consumption and quite often up to 10% in ongoing maintenance costs.

We have Driver Skills which uses data from the ECU of the vehicle to give a more complete picture of driver performance such as driving without a seat-belt or use of correct gear ratios, etc.

We offer remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance capabilities that identifies issue and potential costs before they arise. This can offer savings in maintenance costs that often equals the entire fuel saving of the driver profile solution.

Crucially however and one of our key strengths & capabilities we work with clients to develop and deploy a broad range of complementary technologies and back end integrations operating around a single platform.